and sore, and could hardly stand. They threw their arms around each other, and Fr

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ank said: "The proudest day of my life—I've been to the top of Fusiyama." "
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As they rested that evening, Frank thought of

ws: "As we climb from the vale to the high mountain's peak, We leave the green fields far below; We go on through the forest, beyond it we seek The line of perpetual snow. Cold and thin grows the air, the light dazzles our eyes, We struggle through storm-cloud and sleet; With courage undaunted we mount toward the skies, Till the world spreads out at our feet. "We are journeying now up the mountain of life, The green fields of youth we have passed; We've toiled through the forest with unceasing strife, And gained the bright snow-line at last. We are whitened by frost, we are chilled by the breeze— With weariness hardly can move; But, faithful to duty, in our work

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